Renting Made Easy

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When leasing real estate, you may find it helpful to have a Real Estate agent assist you. I can provide many useful services and work with you in different ways. To help you lease your property, I will perform a number of services for you such as helping you price your property, advertising and marketing your property, giving you all required property disclosure forms, negotiating the best possible price and terms, reviewing all written offers with you, and otherwise promoting your interests.

A Landlord should hire a Realtor to find a Tenant for the following reasons:

1. A Realtor is familiar with the current market rentals and can assist the Landlord to conclude the best/highest price for his property.

2. A Realtor places the rental in the market at no initial cost to the Landlord (using superior marketing resources) which otherwise can spend hundreds of dollars in advertising.

3. A Realtor may already have in hand a number of qualified prospects for the rental therefore saving the Landlord time and money.

4. A Realtor can prevent that the Landlord is taken advantaged of by Tenants who often wish to negotiate and/or modified the terms and conditions originally established by the Landlord.

5. A Realtor handles the entire process of the rental on behalf of the Landlord from advertising, showing of the property, tenant screening, drawing of the lease to collecting the initial funds to move in.

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